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Something To Think About Before the Video

When we know whose we are, it changes how we live. We can live with purpose. We can live knowing that even our best successes, our most favorable wins, our glory days, our most expensive and biggest toys don’t matter in the big picture. What matters is the legacy we leave behind.
Who we are has to be bigger than what we do. Who we are has to be bigger than what we own, what we look like, those we know, or where we live. Who we are has to transcend the moment. It has to carry a purpose that echoes through eternity.
What are we known for? Do we want to be defined by binging on Netflix? Or being the most fashionable? Or for always dampening a mood with our negativity? Do we want to be known for how many books we’ve sold, how many social-media followers we have, or how many people like us?
The most important decision we will ever make is to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. The life that Jesus came to give us, encompasses way more than just saying a prayer. It’s about living for him. Making a difference. Taking a stand. Doing something. We may not be able to impact a million people for Jesus, but we can certainly impact one.
God wants to use us. But we need to accept the call. We need to say yes. Whether that means encouraging a neighbor, forgiving a friend, loving a person that you’ve been shying away from because they look different. It’s amazing what can happen when you step out in faith and choose to live and make choices that have a lasting impact.

Shaken Bible Study

Discovering your true identity in the midst of life's storm.
Tim Tebow
Big Idea: Week 4 - It doesn’t matter how many games we win or lose, how much money we have, or how successful we are. What matters is whether or not we are living for Jesus and leaving a mark beyond our lives.

Video Recap

Tim said, one person can change everything.
We all have the ability to do something.

What really matters is giving what you have to make a difference in the lives of others.

Are you willing to give your time, your energy, your money, or your resources to make a difference?

Tim said, my goal has always been to live a life of significance, of meaning. We do this by loving God and Loving others.

Discussion Questions: (call a friend and discuss)

1. It’s easy to lose perspective when we get caught up in our own problems, our failures, the times we’ve fallen short, or what we want that we don’t
      have. How can you gain a new vantage point by doing something for someone else?

2. Beauty, health, money, wins- they’re all temporary. How can prioritizing things with eternal value free you from fixating on the superficial?

3. Tim is a firm believer in the statement, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” Talk about a stand you have taken that has impacted
      something or someone else.

4. What do you want to be known for?

5. In what ways do you believe you have heard God speak to your heart?

6. How do you intentionally seek to hear from God?

7. Tim talked about being drawn to talk to certain people. Have you ever been in a situation where you felt God in your heart leading you to start a
      conversation with a stranger or to make a phone call to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while? What was the outcome?

8. Micah 6:8 offers us great advice on how to live in a way that exemplifies Jesus:
The Lord has shown you what is good.
    He has told you what he requires of you.
You must act with justice.
    You must love to show mercy.
And you must be humble as you live in the sight of your God.
In what ways can you be just, love kindness/mercy, and walk humbly with God?

9. How has someone made an eternal impact on your life? (like praying for you, inviting you to church, showing you kindness when no one else would)

10. How can you do the same for someone else?

Question of the Week:

What can you do right now to begin (or continue) to live a life of significance and leave a legacy for Jesus?

Just In Case You Need A Holy Work Out!

Prayer Request

Closing Prayer

Lord thank you for your love! Help us to be living a legacy of love right now, in our homes, in our social circles,  
and in our community.  Grow us each day into the unique individuals you have created us to be. 
Help us to always remember that we find our true identity in you! 
We love you and we pray all these things in  Jesus' name,  Amen.