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Jesus came to give our lives purpose. At Grace Point, our focus is to help you discover that purpose in your life: You were made for relationship with God and with others. Relationships are a big part of the DNA here at Grace Point. We challenge each other, support one another, and encourage one another. So whether you're at the end of your emotional rope, or just looking to meet some people like you, drop in and see if Grace Point is the place for you. You'll be glad you did.
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  1. "What a tremendous Church to send, pray for and support mission teams for 15 years now! I am writing from Olancito, Honduras and we have just finished the work portion of this trip helping roof a Church in El Ocote and pour the concrete floor. What a life changing event for the 12 people of this team! We have worked great as a team!"

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You can expect a church where "grace" is not only emphasized and taught, but also lived out. We desire that every single person who attends Grace Point will learn to experience God's grace and extend it to others. In regard to God's Grace we want to get it, give it, and live it.
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