1. Sanitizing team will come in on Saturday evening and sanitize common surfaces. They will also be sanitized between services.

2. Seating guidelines:
a. Every other row in the sanctuary will be corded off.
b. Families will be encouraged to sit together in a single row.
c. Three seats between individuals/families.
d. For third service, overflow seating, following social distancing guidelines will be ready
for set-up in the lobby utilizing the existing screens and enhanced sound.

3. Entry for worship
a. Greeters will be outside each door, encouraging social distancing as worshipers go
directly to their seats.
b. Doors will be propped open.
c. Masks will be expected for everyone over 10 years of age, with the exception of those with respiratory issues.
d. There will be stations inside each door with disposable masks and hand sanitizer.

4. Ancillary ministries, facilities and programs
a. Until further notice there will be no onsite youth or children’s ministries.
b. The nursery and toddler area will be available, if needed, for parents to care for their
own children.
c. The Café will be closed.
d. The Christian Life Center will remain locked during worship.

5. Restrooms
Clorox wipes and sanitizing spray will be available in each restroom with signs asking individuals to clean after use.

6. Worship
a. There will be no greeting time during worship.
b. Communion will happen only with prepackaged cups and wafers.
c. Offering plates will be available at the rear of the sanctuary (and in the lobby during
3rd service).

7. Exit procedures
a. People will be asked to completely exit the building upon dismissal. b. People will be dismissed in the following order:
1. By groups or as individuals from the lobby.
2. Beginning in the back, row by row from the Sanctuary.